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discussing your favorite job

22 Feb 2021

Interview Answers: How to Answer, “What Was Your Favorite Job?”

There are a few questions that always seem to come up during job interviews. The question, "What was your favorite …

online dating

11 Feb 2021

Online Dating During Social Distancing – Why You Should Try It and How It Works

Are you looking for love? Lots of people are. In fact, chronic loneliness was …

job interview myths

10 Feb 2021

5 Common Job Interview Myths – And the Truth Behind Them

A job interview is a complicated process that requires a lot of effort for both the interviewer and the interviewee. Man…

Valentine's Day

09 Feb 2021

3 Things to Do Together on Valentine’s Day During a Pandemic

Even though it feels like the pandemic has been going on f o r e v e r, it hasn’t been a full year yet. This …

mindful eating

05 Feb 2021

Mindful Eating: Spend Less Time and Money to Feel Better

Food fuels your body, but as an independent worker, you may find yourself eating on the run between gigs. Sure, you have…

Great classic or creative Valentine's Day gifts

04 Feb 2021

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Buying gifts can be tricky. So much of it depends on who you are as a gift giver and what type of gifts your recipient l…

managing your healthy lifestyle

02 Feb 2021

6 Ways to Balance Your Busy Life with a Healthy Lifestyle

With the pandemic still present, Americans have seen drastic …

gig worker managing hours and pay

28 Jan 2021

6 Ways Gig Workers Can Track Their Hours and Income

When you’re a …

Jobble in 2020

27 Jan 2021

Jobble: Supporting Your Hustle On and Off the Clock in 2020

Temporary layoffs and permanent job loss were a reality for millions of Americans in early 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic c…

have a simple tax season

26 Jan 2021

The 3 Best Tips To Prepare For Tax-Filing Season

When you’re an independent worker, freelancer, or …